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Keeping Monroe's pets healthy for over 25 years!

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KINDNESS ANIMAL CLINIC is a full-service, AAHA accredited, veterinary medical facility located in MONROE, WA. Our professional and courteous veterinarians and technical staff at KINDNESS ANIMAL CLINIC seeks to provide you with the best possible medical care, surgical care and dental care for your highly-valued pets. We are a small family owned clinic, and your pets will be seen by Dr. Garver every visit. He is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. KINDNESS ANIMAL CLINIC strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to MONROE, WA and surrounding areas. We are the ONLY certified Gold Level "Cat Friendly Practice" in Monroe! The American Association of Feline Practiioners required our practice to meet several performance criteria and complete staff training, as well as having to make cat friendly changes to our clinic!  Please take a moment to contact our veterinarians and technical staff today to learn more about our newly expanded veterinary practice and to find out more information about how KINDNESS ANIMAL CLINIC can serve the needs of you and your cherished pet.

Pet Halloween Safety 


Halloween Safety

Holiday Season is upon us, and while the celebrations often bring cheer to human, the holidays hold many dangers for our pets. Here are some simple tips to ensure your holidays aren't interrupted by a visit to the emergency veterinary clinic.

1. Be sure your pets don't sample the Halloween Candy! Chocolate is toxic to dogs, and xylitol, an artificial sweetener found in many mints and gum, is toxic as well. Candy wrappers can cause dangerous obstructions. Candy, especially chocolate, can cause vomiting, restlessness, heart disturbances, and even death. Candy should be kept out of the pet's reach and young children should be told not to share Halloween "bounty" with their pet.

2. The continuous ringing of the doorbell, heralding the arrival of excited children in scary costumes, is very stressful for many dogs. Consider keeping your pet safe in a back room during trick or treating hours. Pets, especially dogs that are easily excitable or threatened by strangers, should be kept away from the front door to keep them from biting strangers or running into the street.

3. Halloween can be a time of terrible pranks. Be sure to keep pets safely indoors. Loud and excessive noise created by trick-or-treaters can frighten your pet.

4. If your dog has an outgoing personality and you want to take him along while trick or treating, be sure he is wearing identification, and keep him on a leash.  Halloween costumes for pets are cute, but owners should be wary of costumes that contain rubber bands to keep them in place on the animal. If rubber bands are mistakenly left on the pet after the costume comes off, they can quickly burrow into the animal's skin.

Fall Fun!

Stop by and guess the number of pumpkins in the jar before October 17. The closest guess wins a $25 gift certificate from KAC...and the jar filled with pumpkins!

Join Us In "We Scoop"

Vince Bertrand from the City of Monroe and the Shoreline Protection representative stopped by to thank the staff of Kindness Animal Clinic for having the most clients in this entire area pitching in to help keep the Puget Sound and all waterways clean! Thank you for Scooping!

In Snohomish County, there are about 160,000 dogs...and most of them poop more than once a day. Each gram of dog waste contains 23 million bacteria as well as the eggs of intestinal parasites. Dog waste carries many diseases that can affect pet AND human health. Left on the ground or on the road, dog waste can be transported during storms to our water sources that we use for drinking and recreation. Kindness Animal Clinic is partnering with WSU Snohomish County Extension to encourage everyone to Scoop after their dogs and improve our local water quality for everyone! Stop by the clinic to get a FREE poop bag dispenser to attach to your dog's leash and the poop bags to load it with. While supplies last!

For Fun! Apply the "We Scoop" sticker to your garbage can to show that you are a caring and responsible dog owner.  Then, take a photo of your dog and the "We Scoop" sticker and upload it onto Instagram with the hashtag #WeScoopSnoCo...or if you don't have Instagram, just share the photo with us!

American Animal Hospital Association 


Why We Choose AAHA
(and you should too!)

Our veterinarians and staff hold themselves accountable to the highest possible standards every day.   This is reflected in our facility and quality of our patient care. Kindness Animal Clinic is the only AAHA accredited hospital in Monroe and east Snohomish County area. Click here for more information on AAHA.


Cat Friendly Practice

Kindness Animal Clinic has been certified a Gold Level "Cat Friendly Practice" by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  As the only practice certified in Monroe, we cater to cats! Click here for more info.

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